For many years the Muslim Community of Portsmouth have been striving to initiate and build an educational establishment built on the principle of Islamic morals and values in conjunction with secular studies.The Madani Academy Portsmouth is a non-profit organisation working towards establishing an independent Primary School by Sep 2014, Insha-Allah.

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala), we have been successful in winning a bid to purchase Merefield House from the Council for £750,000.

The building was much sought after given a central location, existing car park and relatively new structure. Alhamdullilah we have been successful in raising the initial £300,000 deposit for the property and have been able to agree a payment structure that has not required us to enter into any forbidden transactions.

A unique opportunity to help in establishing the first school in Portsmouth that sets the blueprint of a future generation and society – instilling manners, knowledge and values from Islam – so that the Muslims’ way of life is an example to all mankind

Alhamdullilah! we have reached our target for the deposit to secure the building. We urgently need help from Muslim brothers and sisters to help us raise funds for repayment for the rest of the property and setting up the school. Please donate generously and help us reach this important goal!

Our Targets and Dates

Those who spend in causes seeking the pleasure of Allah remain in His Shelter. Angels send blessings on them and pray for increase in their wealth. [Muslim]

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