Our mission

To create an independent faith school which will deliver high quality education of the national curriculum and Islam

We aim to deliver a high quality educational program and services within a secure Islamic environment, such that students enjoy a positive school experience, achieve best possible outcomes for themselves, and leave school being mindful their accountability to Allah, confident in their identity as Muslim and keen desire to make worthwhile contribution to the social, political and economic well-being of the society.

Our Values

The foundation of our values is based upon the Holy Quran and the teaching of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We are committed to inculcate our students with the principles of justice, fairness, equality, tolerance and respect for others.

Excellence in

Aspirations Responsibility Respect for
A quest for knowledge
A desire and capability  to make positive contribution to society
Life-long learning
Attain full potential
Obedience to Allah SWT
Sensitivity and concern for others
Others rights
Law of the land
Equality and diversity


Our Vision

A school of excellence, innovation and engagement


Insha-Allah, within five years time Madani Academy will emerge with a reputation for being as one of the leading school in the UK. We will be recognised and valued within our local and wider communities for our role in developing outstanding young persons to serve the local and wider community.


To achieve our vision, the school will emphasise the importance of

  • Providing a caring and supportive environment for the students, and to develop them spiritually, morally, academically and socially according to the Quran and Sunnah;
  • Setting standards of excellence in teaching and learning;
  •  A well designed curriculum, broad and balanced enough to meets the needs and inspiration of all students.
  • To promote Community Cohesion through school activities and extended school services
  • sustainable development programme,
  • use of latest technology specially information technology
  • identifying and collaboration with other schools, training providers and  community groups